We had a good turnout for our first Extreme Programmers London meetup and gathered plenty of ideas for future sessions. 



Here's some of the suggestions of topcs came out of group discussion:

  • Hiring process
  • Experience reports where XP hard to apply
  • Pairing with unpairables
  • How to accelerate feedback loops
  • Internal knowledge share in XP teams
  • Quality / Productivity
  • Global, distributed teams
  • User stories
  • Techniques to make Continuous Deployment easier
  • Helping product understand technical debt and avoiding it
  • Teaching advancing TDD
  • XP 101: discuss each practice - still relevant? successes?
  • Test driving the hard bits eg, security, resilience
  • Object callesthenics
  • Show 'n' tell - learnings from retrospectives
  • Interconnectedness of things
  • Things we used to do in XP
  • Modern XP for concurrent f() world
  • Embrace Change vs sticking to trad XP

We are probably going to vary the format from month to month with shorter presentation and longer discussion slots. Next time we'll have 2 short talks plus a Fishbowl Book club session on Extreme Programming Explained, first edition (the white book).