At Unruly, I work with developers who use XP practices every day, it's the way we work and not a novelty. When you've spent years honing your TDD and Refactoring skills, you want to talk about other more advanced topics. Programming languages evolve and new frameworks emerge but meetups that are focussed on a language community often don't make concerns around TDD a core theme.


Our team are generalists and each developer works across the full stack front-end through to databases. We already run in-house lightning talks for developers who work here and in our co-working Hive space. So we came up with the idea of hosting a new meetup specifically for programmers who are already using XP practices and have interesting experiences or insights to share.

To whet your appetite, here are some topics that our developers have given internal tech talks on in the last year:

  • Intern versus Dalek
  • load testing with Gatling
  • ClojureScript
  • Postgres foreign data wrappers
  • Dynamically tracing java applications with BTtrace
  • Types vs Tests
  • Promises and Futures
  • Vert.x
  • AOP in Guice
  • Cage Fight: Puppet vs Salt Stack
  • MongoDB aggregation framework
  • ElasticSearch
  • Riak
  • Cascalog
  • Java 8 lambdas
  • R and GGPlot

We've got a great space at Unruly Media in our Clubhouse (see pic) and as we're located just off Brick Lane we thought it might be nice to provide some spicy snacks! We're not attempting to compete with existing meetups like Extreme Tuesday Club or London Software Craftsmanship. So we'll be meeting up once a month on Monday evening (to avoid clashes) starting on 24th Feb


Join us to explore how extreme programming is evolving and ideas relevant to software craft looking beyond basic old-school XP/Agile practices (TDD, CI/CD, Refactoring, Pairing). We've included some basic questions before we aprove membership to help ensure that members have some relevant development experience. Hope to see you at Extreme Programmers London soon!