My next few weeks are pretty packed with agile events!

This Tuesday evening, I'll be at the London Scrum User Group giving a book reading from my Agile Coaching book. Roman Pichler will also be reading from his new book "Agile Product Management with Scrum".

On Wednesday, I'm off on the Eurostar to Agile Acceptance Testing Days in Belgium where I'll be giving a talk on "Coaching Teams over Acceptance Testing Hurdles". I'd be interested to hear any stories that you have on this topic, if you've got time to add as a comment to this blog...

I'll be back in London on 30 March, to give an "In-the-brain" session at Skills Matter on how to Improve Collaboration, Build Trust which will be an opportunity to follow up on the XPDay workshop that I ran with Sallyann Freudenberg.


After Easter, I'm off to Krakow for Agile Central Europe, a new conference where I'll be giving a keynote on "Retrospectives" and facilitating the OpenSpace.

Then I get to tAccu_logohe celestial spires of Oxford to run an interactive session on "Understanding User Stories" at ACCU conference. 

Following that I'm looking forward to reflections in Tisvilde Hoejskole, Denmark at the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering, five days Open Space on retrospective facilitation :-)

Finally, April ends on a high, straight after my "Agile Coaching Skills" workshop at Skills Matter in London, I'm off to Germany for Agile Coach Camp Agilecoachcamp-3_182px

Hope my family still recognizes me when I get home!